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Suff served 10 years in prison before being paroled home to California in Teryl said she felt in extreme danger when Suff began looking for her and left a threatening telephone message with a roommate in Texas in or When she heard that Suff had been accused in the Riverside killings, a chilling fear came to mind.

Business Visionaries. However, detectives are looking anew at Bill Suff as a suspect. Suff was a domineering, jealous husband who frequently suspected her of infidelities and often turned abusive, she said.

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In October,the same month that Suff began his job at a county purchasing depot in Riverside, Michelle Yvette Gutierrez, 26, was found dead in a drainage ditch near Riverside. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook.

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Records explaining the early departure remain sealed, and Suff testified in Texas that he was discharged under honorable conditions and never saw a psychiatrist in the military. After Suff left the service, he and his bride remained in Fort Worth, where Teryl worked as a waitress and telephone solicitor while he was unemployed or briefly held a variety of low-paying jobs: fry cook, delivery truck driver, ambulance aide, parking lot attendant. He was described as cunning, manipulative, and not unintelligent, but possessed with a volcanic temper and a profound need to dominate women--traits common in serial killers, experts say.

William Lester Suff, a local boy still remembered by schoolmates and teachers in the Riverside area--has been charged in two of the grisly murders.

When Suff showed him a book he was writing, though, even the young Snyder was struck by its macabre premise. Zellerbach, the supervising Riverside County deputy district attorney prosecuting the case. The degree of violence inflicted upon the victims was also escalating. Now, he is charged in 2 of 19 grisly Riverside slayings.

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Every victim was stabbed or strangled or both, according to new details, and three of the recent bodies were mutilated--a breast cut off each. Authorities say they are confident of linking Suff to a majority of the 19 murders of women, mostly prostitutes and drug users, whose bodies had been dumped in this semirural community and elsewhere in western Riverside County.

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Suff, insisting he was blameless, testified that he found the battered infant dead on the bedroom floor. For reasons that Riverside police have not disclosed, they were on high alert in the downtown prostitution district in the week that Suff was arrested.

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Patrick J. All Sections. Like the canines depicted in his fledgling horror tale, Suff seemed outwardly genial to friends and co-workers, but interviews and court records in Texas depict him as capable of unspeakable malevolence. Times Store.

Residents map trouble spots, assets in riverside

You look like a prostitute! Several ex-neighbors have told authorities that Suff was seen with a bloodied and scratched face shortly before the remains of the most recent victim were discovered. From his cell in the Riverside County Jail, where he is being held without bail, Suff has professed his innocence to visitors. He was always a really nice guy.

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Times Events. He ate in nearby restaurants, had his hair cut in a Main Street barbershop, dated several area women and generally appeared to be an unexceptional citizen. Suff was extremely reserved, and generally kept his opinions to himself.

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Baby-sitting was a task that Suff cheerfully took on for several acquaintances--including, according to a knowledgeable source, one of the murdered women. She was the first in the string of 19 victims. The Suff family settled in the Perris-Lake Elsinore area in the early s. About Us. B2B Publishing. But he did exhibit strong feelings about prostitutes, some acquaintances say.

Hot Property. Gamboa, a Fort Worth attorney who represented Suff in the murder and a case in which Suff was convicted of stealing a car from the lot where he worked.

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More than five years later, on Jan. Authorities said they quickly found evidence that linked Suff to the murders of Catherine McDonald, 30, whose corpse turned up on Sept. He always went beyond the call of duty to help his co-workers. They were married in when Suff was on leave from the Air Force.

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Apart from the fatal blows to her midsection, the child also had numerous pre-existing injuries: 13 broken ribs, a fractured shoulder, extensive bruises on the face and arms, a human bite on her abdomen and a cigarette burn through the sole of one foot. She recalled one incident that occurred when Teryl, during a quarrel about his control over her, threatened to take to the streets as a prostitute. William enlisted in the Air Force in January,after a short stint as a state forester. To some he was just an introverted Star Trek junkie and amateur computer hacker.

Nice-guy neighbor: could he really be serial killer? : crime: bill suff seemed genial to friends, co-workers. now, he is charged in 2 of 19 grisly riverside slayings.

The Suffs were investigated but never charged with a crime. An appalled jury took only half an hour to convict both parents of murder. Born in Torrance on Aug. In high school, Suff was small of stature--a stark contrast to the beefy, pounds he carried when arrested--and socially inept, said Joseph Beeson, former vice principal of Perris Union High School. Suff was discharged from the Air Force in December,well short of the usual four-year hitch. But their marriage came to involve violence reminiscent of Texas.

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The 2-month-old died of massive hemorrhaging caused by a beating so severe that her liver was ruptured. About the same time, he was told that the Suffs would lose custody of their other child, William Jr. But the news from Teryl was the harshest blow, according to several despondent letters that Suff penned at the time. Cheryl has not seen her husband since his arrest, according to friends. Other ex-neighbors recall odd things about Suff--mysterious nocturnal comings and goings in his van, claims of some hazy law enforcement affiliations he kept a California Highway Patrol cap and handcuffs in the vanand a penchant for secrecy that some found vaguely disturbing.

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Teryl, at 16, was three years younger than her new husband. He was sent to Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, where, for 15 months, he served as an aide in the pediatrics ward of the base hospital. A year earlier, Kenneth Suff said, their father had abandoned the family, forcing their mother to go on welfare. They knew a more benevolent Bill Suff--an amiable family man and clean-cut neighbor who did not smoke, seldom drank and ranted against drug use.

Suff is scheduled to be arraigned in Riverside on Feb. At the time Suff was arrested in downtown Riverside, the pace of killings had accelerated to almost one per month.

Suff met his young, second wife at a Lake Elsinore convenience store where Cheryl worked. On one recent occasion, Suff became enraged after his second wife applied excessive makeup, according to a former roommate who lived with the couple for four months last year in Rialto. He charmed the teen-ager and they were married after dating only a few months.

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AUSAs in the Riverside Branch Office handle all federal criminal cases, including: public corruption cases involving government officials; fraud cases, including mortgage fraud, investment fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, tax fraud, health care fraud, and fraud against the government; Project Safe Childhood cases, including those involving child pornography and child prostitution; violent crime cases, including prison murders and assaults, gang cases, firearms offenses, and bank robberies; drug trafficking cases; and immigration cases, including those involving alien smuggling and passport fraud.

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