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The tremendous American fleet. Fort Gunners Bag 65 I Sixty-five nazi fighters were do a nod by gunners aboard the' fui -cngined bomber? American losses were 21 bomb-ris and three fighters, two un-cler the first announced casual- t. The American bombers also; were reported to have hit Posen ii Poland, site of a Focke-Wuif inn parts plant, in the Sunday offensive, but U. A blow at Pi'sen would represent a 1, in :le roundtrip.

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The remains were brought to.

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Hostesses will be Mrs. Frederick Basse, Mr. EmULRistau, and Mrs. Louise Sasse. Special Mrs. Funeral services were held at a Jesuit church in Milwaukee Mon day morning. A considerable of enemy tanks has been destroyed. Survivors are Mr. Richard Flynn, Beloit; Mrs. Aune, St Paul, Minn. Henry Sina has returned from Junction City, Kan. She will spend several weeks with her parents, Mr.

George Crump. Flying Fortresses struck at Palermo, in Sicily, and flyers oshkosh bulletin escorts hitting five large merchant vessels and several smaller ones in the harbor. Reasons for the suspension order were summed up by Louis H. Harris, chairman of the OPA industry council In.

The taxes normally are due in February.

Mike Vummer and son, Racine, spent the weekend at the Charles Ware home. Baa- sett, operator of Bassetfs Auto Company of Minocqua, was directed by the office of price admins tration today to suspend all dealings in tires, tubes, retre and recaps until Dec 31, The order, the OPA's first sus pension action in Wisconsin, was issued for oshkosh bulletin escorts of tire rationing regulations, officials said.

Taxpayers taking advantage of an extension must file an affidavit of inability to pay on the customary date.

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The afternoon was spent in playing cards. The Germans made their main thrust toward Beja and advanced to a point about seven miles from the town before being hurled back.

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The fall of Sbeitla occurred yesterday, today's allied headquarters communique said. The Germans appear to have withdrawn to their original positions in the Faid area some 25 miles below Sbeitla. Prizes were awarded first Mrs. Emma Morrissey, Mrs. Otto Miller and Mrs. Rudolph Fruend. Harvey Bor- chardt and Mrs. Otto Burow as hostesses.

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A recent meeting of the Alpha society was held at library club- rooms with Mrs. Guy Papon presiding. The measure continued for powers ly granted to cities, towns and villages every two years since the depression era.

The Omro volunteer fire com pany responded to a call from the residence of Dr. Jesperson this morning at about 7 o'clock to extinguish a chimney fire.

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A medical bulletin issued by the six doctors attending the year-old Indian nationalist leader said: "There is no change in Gandhi's condition. They also responded to a call Sunday morning at 11 o'clock to a similar fire at the Wilson store on the North Side. There were two waves of For tresses, and gunners shot down seven axis fighters without suffering loss themselves while Lightning escorts shot down another fighter.

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R Mohandas K. Gandhi entered the last day of his three-week fast in good spirits today and there was every indication that he would survive his passive demonstration against British authority. Clifford Lind will entertain the Fremont Benefit club Thursday.

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Special The Athena club held its regular business meeting Monday afternoon in the library clubrooms with Mrs. Barney Swan presiding. Kate Goggins, Oshkosh bulletin escorts. Miss Delores Toepke is confined to her home with measles. Down German Planes They Wew up the bridge and in a minute battle with. An inspection of Kasserine oasa to the west of Sbeitla, through which 'the allies had shoved back Marshal Erwin Rommel's spearhead, revealed the great damage wrought by American bombs and shells.

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Following the meeting Mrs. Robert Carter reviewed the book entitled "What's Your Name? From Cairo, it was announced that American heavy bombers attacked Naples yesterday, dropping bombs on the moles and dock area. John Steeps entertained the members of the Friendship club recently.

William Hilsberg spent several days in Oshkosh last week with her daughter, Mrs. Karl Ko-sanke, returning home Saturday evening. Both American and British planes struck heavy blows at axis air and ground strength.

They" also damaged warehouses and drydocks.

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Germ an fighters, the American combers shot down four Messerschmitt 's and Focke-Wulf 's while their Lightning escort knocked another five planes out of the air. Edward Chris-tensen.

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Bitker, agency counsel here, held that Bassett violated regulations on May 15,in transferring four new auto tires from his stock for use on three of his garage au tomobiles without first obtaining a certificate of authorization from a war price and rationing board. Field reports said the three towns were occupied without fighting. Americans Raid Naples In all, it announced, 25 enemy aircraft were destroyed yesterday and two Sunday night while only oshkosh bulletin escorts allied aircraft were missing. OP PupilS in 17 nubile elementary schools were sent home today after Jan itors failed to report for work, leaving the buildings unhealed, Supt H.

Means announced.

Walter Neu- schafer, president of the Fremont chapter of the American Red Cross, has announced that all those working on blouses for the Red Crosi'must have them completed and returned by March 15 to fill the quota. Lunch was served. Sara Timan has returned to her home, Eureka, after spending the winter at the hotel at Omro.

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He is in good spirits. Allied forces continuing their successful advance in the area 20 miles northwest of Kasserine occupied Sbeitla March 1 and penetrated three miles east of the town. In the far south, the war bulletin said, fighters attacked ob jectives in the Mareth area but there was no announcement of land action.

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Oshkosh, the cortege arriving at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon. The Italian high command, in a communique broadcast by the Rome radio, announced the deaths of 26 oshkosh bulletin escorts and injury of in the latest allied air raids on. Miss Genevieve Herrick, who is employed at Chicago, is on a short vacation visiting her parents, Mr.!

William Herrick, and her grandparents, Mr. John Button, Fremont Mr. Carl Button and family, Neenah, Mr. Harris Olson, Am herst and Mr. Edward Teal and Mrs. Carrie Springer spent the week with relatives in Milwaukee. One of the heaviest tolls of enemy fighters of the campaign was taken when Marauders with Lightning escorts skimmed within 60 feet of the ground to attack a much-bombed railroad bridge at La Hencha, near Sfax, and other targets.

Interment was made at the Riverside cemetery.

The whole southern front is quiet. Addie Barnett has returned from Racine where she spent the past two months with her nieces and families. Gaping hows along the road showed where scores of bombs had hit On the plain the soldiers were dismantling a crashed German dive bomber, gathering abandoned axis equipment and salvaging piles of shell casings and other debris. Henry Sorenson oshkosh bulletin escorts Oshkosh will bring the message. Blackened wreckage was strewn along the dirt road that twists over tiie rocky pass between two steep mountains.

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Other planes were shot down in other sectors. Special William Carey has gone to the Marine hospital at Chicago for treatment. R American armored patrols entered Sbeitla at noon today, finding it abandoned by the enemy but heavily mined. On the northern Tunisian bat-tlefront, where axis forces were seeking to drive en Beja to flank the allied base of Oshkosh bulletin escorts, the communique said the attacks had lost weight Penetrate to East In chronicling the fall of Sbeitla, the war bulletin said: "Sbeitla is in our hands.

Naples, Palermo Sicily and other parts of Italy. Besides that, they launched an infantry attack at Toukabeur,about six miles northwest of Med-jez-el-Bab, which also was beaten back.

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