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Medellin for prostitutes

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Medellin has made massive progress in both public safety and tourism over the past decades. However, as the city slowly becomes a recognizable tourist destination, there are plenty of places a traveler should not wander either for their own safety or to avoid wasting their time. Some of these places are the stomping grounds of prostitutes and drug addicts; others are where medellin for prostitutes and thieves congregate, or the places embroiled in gang-related violence. There are also places that are blatant tourist traps simply not worth the bother. Colombia Reports determined the no-go areas based on warnings by the Ombudsman and visits to these neighborhoods.

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The victim held high hopes that the scenes of the two girls could lead to their identification.

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One of the group of three guys offered the two girls drinks, and, after accepting, the group moved inside to the bar. Print whole topic. Contact was made between his group and two girls aged in their early to mid twenties. I have nothing to report but interaction with incredibly honest and friendly people.

The girls kinda suggested that we switch bars very small red flag, just because they might know the owner rip u off whatever and so did the guy. The girls had even found his secret stash of money. The girl in blue seemed to be the leader of the two, being aparently slightly older. Soon, after the arrival of the police, and their viewing of the video, his hopes were dashed. medellin for prostitutes

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Show all posts for this topic. Here is a real story about how a foreigner was recently drugged in Medellin.

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They medellin for prostitutes him politely with the words "If you see the girls again, call us immediately! Let this tale be a reminder to foreign males visiting the bar area of Poblado in Medellin to be very aware being drugged there by girls. Suddenly very worried and trying to shake off the dazed sensation which filled his head, he went straight to his locker, horrified to find that all his valuables were gone. The girls took two bottled beers, and began to dance to the loud rock music which was blarling out from the bar's numerous speakers.

Drugged by Girls in Medellin. It's not even clear that this actually was "scopolamine" or what, sounds like a typical drug and rob. From the sounds of the story, those gentlemen had to be pretty gullible or desperate to get themselves into that situation.

Medellin’s western periphery

I told them I was tired that I was going home though I was just gonna come back to the bar to keep making time with the bartenderthey tried to convince me to stay and go to this new bar, but I didn't. A CCTV camera mounted on one of the walls recorded the group, dancing medellin for prostitutes cavorting, for approximately ten minutes. Could've been a heck of a lot worse.

The time was now roughly He woke up five hours later,lying fully dressed on his double bed, unable to remember anything except entering his room. After 10 minutes, the group left the bar. A slick talking Colombian guy around my age, early 20s came up and noticed I was white, medellin for prostitutes chit chatting in English. Be vigilant, I was with 2 girls one night, 1 whom I knew and 1 I didn't. Details here. Later that day, after he had completely woke up, and after the visit of the local police to his hostel, he went to the bar in the hope that they had CCTV cameras set up to view the premises.

Country forums. They don't seek it out, but if the opportunity presents itself, it may be an easy decision for someone with no money and no prospects.

Medellin hotels and places to stay

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Add that to the stunning natural scenery and you have one of the best places in the world to travel. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement Details here.

During this time, another CCTV this one mounted in the female bathroom, recorded the girl in blue when she went to visit the ladies room. Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. I have just finished traveling four wonderful months in Colombia. One of the foreign men who were all staying at a local hostel suggested that the whole group go back to their hostel.

See All. Thorn Tree forum. To his joy, they did have CCTV cameras, and one was set up to view the bar area. The girls were simply, but elegantly dressed, and seemed happy to make friends with the group of foreign men. Where there had been a Sony Vaio laptop, a Panasonic video camera and three mobiles, there was now nothing. Medellin for prostitutes, you are also saying that the police are never any help?

Drugged by girls in medellin. a recent true story

One, dressed in a single, low cut blue dress, was of short stature and a little overweight. The bar helped the victim to call medellin for prostitutes police who arrived in a matter of minutes. Don't show me this information again.

General chat. Welcome Search forums Jump to forum. So if he hadn't taken them to his room, everything would have been ok. Sure any if us can get robbed at any time. Many people in Colombia I'm convinced rob others as a matter of oportunity.

No worries.

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All rights reserved. Traveling especially in Latin America or anywhere for that matter it is important to remain cautious at all times. Jump to forum.

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Talk to Lonely Planet. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. This type of drinking and drugging happens in virtually all metropolitan areas, especially ones where tourists visit. Upon reaching the hostel, the foreigner who had bought the girls drinks invited the two girls to his private room.

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Forum. Interest forums. This is obviously the fault of the girls, because they robbed someone, but the guy can't be excused.

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It was 3am, and he and his two friends were drinking bottled beers on the terrace of the Liquor Drink bar. This topic is locked. Print current.

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He was a frequent Miami-ite so medellin for prostitutes was pd he's from a rich family if his story is true cuz It's not easy to medellin for prostitutes those visas or the money to travelbut I didn't really want his company, though the girls seemed to enjoy talking to him. The bar staff were extremely helpful, and within 10 minutes, the video clips containing the scenes of the two girl robbers had been identified and saved. John Barnes, who are you in relation to this story? I had mentioned to the girls I didn't really like the guy or trust him, but it just goes to show you that even locals can get scammed.

The one with the three phones in his locker? I didn't have a ton of interest in the 2 girls, though the bartender had caught my eyes this will save me later. So, you don't say exactly how the girls drugged him but not at the bar?

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The two girls accepted, and the whole group took two taxis to the hostel. You can update your settings medellin for prostitutes clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the. Again aim not blaming the victim in this case, only that the robbers had some innocent help in this case. Post new topic. That said I hope that this is not used as an attempt to tar all of Colombia with a negative brush.

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The second, dressed in black top and skirt, was of a similar height, but in contrast to her friend was slim. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.

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However in many if not most cases, greed, drugs, alcohol, carelessness, desire for quick sex, or some other related thing is a the root of the problem. The 2 girls went with the guy and turned out that he ended up stiffing them with a big tab at this new bar and they had to leave their cell phones as collateral to come back and pay up I guess.

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One of the three?

Our new persons

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The barrios of Medellin are controlled by criminals and are full of prostitutes, with virgins commanding the highest prices.

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Street gangs control neighborhoods and young women are sold into a life of prostitution.

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I'm just wondering where is the best places to go to meet normal girls and people in Medellin, that not being prostitutes or gringo's.