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Log in through your institution. A prospective study was carried out to determine the prevalence of herpes simplex type 2 HSV-2 in Bangladeshi female sex workers. There were

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Oh dear, I am the unluckiest escort in the world. Dexi Delite Sr. Member Posts: Sorry to hear you've contracted herpes so early on in your career. You might not get an outbreak or you might suffer from lo of them hsv escorts not only do you get sores but it can make you feel very unwell too.

Member Posts: 5, Given how early this was detected, you should have been offered an antiviral, probably Aciclovir, to use for five days.

Independents supporting each other since Home Help Search Register. Read times. And I don't like the idea of screwing people over by not telling them. Hi PinkDolphin Sorry you're feeling down and unwell. I know a of ladies who work and offer OWO despite having cold sores and just take time off if they've got one, but I must admit I don't hsv escorts I could but then I don't do OWO anyway.

s: [ 1 ] 2. Like little electrical hsv escorts. After I posted this thread yesterday, I saw a small red thing on my privates and touched it. If it is then it is up to you if you work or not but like Amy has already told you, you can still infect sexual partners even when not on an outbreak as you shed the virus through skin and your mouth anyway.

It's possibly too early to get tested. PinkDolphin New Member Posts: 4. What they said: "Indispensable", "You are our best resource", and hours later!

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See also the rash of stories about HPV and assorted conditions as soon as vaccines against strains of HPV were approved, another clear example of trying to shift more product via fear. It was going well, except in the last few days I started to hsv escorts tingles all over.


I don't see the problem in working provided you're upfront and the people who are too stupid to understand the difference between carrying a dormant virus and having an actual outbreak are unlikely to be much of a loss. With truth there is no us and them or colour or religion there is just fact. And I don't exist in a vacuum.

I can get over having herpes, it's just I was just starting to 'get things together' after starting escorting, and after a hsv escorts few WEEKS I catch something.

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Discharge 4. Slightly off topic, but does anybody know any products that might be helpful in fending off this sort of thing - it may or may not be helpful for the OP, but I wouldn't mind knowing if there are any natural anti-viral supplements worth thinking about? hsv escorts

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Truth is far more important than what one wants to hear. But these facts: 1. So the OP may have just caught it, or picked it up months or even years ago, which in itself is scary stuff. I guess it's true that technically my escorting career isn't completely over my initial hsv escorts for escorting are, though. So is it over for me? I appreciate every post so far. When testing for HSV-2 became available about twenty years ago, about one in eight female blood donors - i.

And I agree, you can possibly convince yourself that you have every disease under the sun by googling your symptoms. That I have just been diagnosed with an NGU seems to lead to nothing else but herpes, even with google. The thing about whoring is, you can always drop it and hsv escorts back - it's not like you're hsv escorts to miss much. Ditto many clients. I agree with Dani that it's scary although I'm not sure it's more so than hepatitis which is my horror-disease but I'm inclined to think that some natural immunity must get built up or else we'd surely all have it?

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Author Topic: Hi escorting. I've also felt dizzy lately. On the other hand, you do know Is saying something like 'like most people, I have had. I've been depressed for the last few days over this as I said, more this than actually having herpes.

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I have had more sexual contact in the last few weeks than I have had all my life 2. Dani Sr. Member Posts: 1, Gosh I do feel sorry for you. Now, I did read that some escorts continue to work when they don't have an outbreak. Well having had a rummage online as I'm stuck at home with a lousy cold, it seems that pretty much any of us could have it unless we've been tested and told we haven't since the last time we had sex - I'd always thought that everybody who caught genital herpes had a really nasty attack straight away, but it hsv escorts this isn't the case and it can hang about for ages before making it's first move when you get a bit run down or poorly which means I pretty much definitely haven't got it, hsv escorts it would have shown itself in the last couple of days.

I've learned that lack of serious outbreak is probably because this is the initial infection.

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Have a read through as you might find it useful. I haven't been officially diagnosed, no. Quote from: amy on 28 Marchpm.

Herpes simplex

hsv escorts I haven't had an outbreak, but I did get a swab and that unspecified non-gonorrhea thing showed up, which I have discovered is a of herpes. It is less likely to happen through shedding than it is through an outbreak but the risk is still there and one you have to think of as even condoms dont protect your sex partner. But still, there's a chance that clients will catch something, and if that happens I would be in trouble. Quote from: Dexi on 28 Marcham. It didn't even look like a bump hsv escorts just a spot.

It is a tough one. I hope you get sorted and are back working again soon. Bye escorting?

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Every once in a while. I don't think any 'natural' supplement has any proper hsv escorts that it works for this, but that doesn't mean something doesn't. Nameless Guest. DId you actually get diagnosed with Herpes? I think that whiling away an evening scaring yourself witless reading sites about STIs when you're not well and have had too much lemsip is probably not too helpful either.

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As far as I know the chances of anyone contracting herpes from you when you don't have an outbreak is extremely hsv escorts so get yourself well and get back to work! I have been an escort for 7 years and have been lucky to only suffer two outbreaks during that time.

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The likelihood of infection is strongly linked to the of partners, and given that condom use is not complete protection, I think most people here do have at least one strain. Outbreaks should decrease in frequency over time, and again, using an antiviral as soon as you feel any tingling usually reduces severity. hsv escorts

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I thought this was the right 'field' to be in. You may well never have another attack, but there are plenty of ways to make money even in the sex industry without putting others at risk and whilst I've never had to make a decision like this hsv escorts I've never even had a cold sore, although I have had the chickenpoxI would be restricting services until I'd had time to monitor what was going on.

Not everyone knew it, because it often doesn't have any symptoms.

Eve x. Would Ian's idea be an option? I don't work during that time obviously, due to not wishing to infect anyone but also because there's no way that anyone could touch me down there! IF my hsv escorts turn out to be mild and infrequent I'll do it part-time I just have to see how it affects me.

The overblown stigma of genital herpes

If you definitely have herpes then hsv escorts should be taking medication, which will help considerably. Eve-Northampton New Member Posts: 4. I've only recently just start escorting. Member Posts: 13, Well nobody here can tell you what to do, but to be honest, if you've only just started I would be taking down the and thinking of my Plan B, at least until I knew how this was going to hsv escorts my body.

I do believe that the stigma attached to what amounts to a cold sore because of where it occurs is ridiculously unfair, but the issue for me in this particular context isn't really one of health but of discretion - there are plenty of very contagious illnesses we can all catch, but whilst I could have caught my cold or the chicken pox, meningitis even from somebody on the train or in the paper shop, anybody suddenly showing s of genital herpes without any can only really have been doing one thing, which is why I don't think I could continue doing full service unless I'd taken at least a year out to see how things were going to progress.

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It is hsv escorts one thing about this job that does worry me, that no matter what precautions I take, if a client is shedding the virus there is a chance I will get it Most of all take some time to find out how it will affect you. Bear in mind that somebody had to give you this in the first place so don't feel bad - we're all exposed to a variety hsv escorts bugs every time we come into contact with other people, and I daresay there will be very few among us who haven't had sex with with someone carrying HSV-2 and whom as Ian says may well not even know they've got it; I've been a prostitute on and off for ten years, and the chances are that I've seen at least a handful of punters with HIV, Hepatitis and Lord knows what else without any of them ever mentioning it.

Echinacea was one I remember, but I think that might mainly be for colds.

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A scarce of studies have been carried out to determine the epidemiology of herpes simplex virus type 2 HSV-2 infection in female sex workers FSWs.

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Even after his friends hype him up, Jamin Peckham still backs out sometimes.

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Female sex workers in Europe have low levels of sexually transmitted infections, attributable to condom use.