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Maybe because ours are so wrapped up in our own thoughts and emotions that we just miss handle my personality someone points it out, of course. You know that person at work whose energy is so bad you instinctively run the other way when you see them coming? Or even that family member who has no clue that their presence drains all the good vibes out of you? You may not know for sure if the person has a clinical diagnosis, but you know something is off. One of the hallmarks of a person with a personality disorder or something like itis a remarkable ability to believe that everyone else, not them, is the problem.

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Feeling unjustly treated, he becomes angry because he was asked to do something and it did not end well. Fearing his wrath, they spoke up at meetings only when they knew it to be safe. He has other characteristics which, combined with that need, create the behavior others find so offensive.

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His fingers drummed the arm of his chair with a speed that ified intense frustration. To inflate his always low sense of self-worth, he competes intensely for attention, affection, and applause.

Unwilling to compromise, Sandstrom was an intellectual bully with little regard for those of his colleagues who could not keep up with him. The division presidency was open and the corporate president was in a dilemma. But at what cost?

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Therefore, he reasons, he is being penalized because other people are jealous, rivalrous, or do not want to undertake anything new. These feelings may also spill over onto spouses, children, and even pets. He must, therefore, push himself ever harder—all the time.

Like the proverbial porcupine, an abrasive person seems to have a natural knack for jabbing others in an irritating and sometimes painful way.

In fact, for him, making a compromise is the same as giving in to lower standards. They knew he would not accept mediocrity and so they strived to attain the perfection he demanded of them.

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But that knack masks a desperation worse than that of those who receive the jabs, namely, a need to be perfect. Give him a tough problem, like a failing division, and he would turn it around almost before anyone knew what had happened.

Solving the dilemma

Such complete thoroughness, however, no matter how good for the company as a whole, tends to leave others figuratively breathless, making them feel that they cannot compete in the same league. When he said they had done a good job, they knew they had earned his compliments, though many felt he did not really mean what he said. Thus his capacity for analysis tends not to be matched by equal skill as a leader to implement the answers he has deduced.

In groups he handle my personality to dominate others, treating all differences as challenges to be debated and vanquished. If a person is always pushing himself toward impossible aspirations and is never able to achieve them, there are two consequences for his emotions. There were complaints from subordinates too. Others were already vying for a handhold on his coattails. Could the corporation afford it? At the same time, he seems to expect others to accept his word, decision, or logic just because it is his.

He had a reputation for being a self-starter. Although others often perceive him as both grandiose and emotionally cold, the abrasive person has a strong and very intense emotional interest in himself. Once reined in by his boss, the abrasive person feels that he has been let down, handle my personality his efforts have been in vain. To such a person, self-control is very important, as is control of others, which he makes total if possible. To him, losing a little control is the same as losing total control.

Around the table the opinion was divided.

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In the long run, they are a bane to themselves as well; when they fail, their failure is usually due to their abrasive personalities. Though often in imaginative pursuit handle my personality bigger and broader achievements for which he frequently gets many accolades, he may well leave his bosses and those around him with no sense of having any input to the task or project. He was an executive who could quickly take charge, unerringly get to the heart of a problem, lay out the steps for overcoming it, bulldoze his way through corporate red tape, and reorganize to get the job done.

Unfortunately, that handle my personality not all there was to it. His meetings were not noted for their liveliness, in fact he did not have much of a sense of humor. The boss feels there will be no catching him, no containing him, and no protecting the stellar subordinate, himself, or higher management from any waves that may be created, the backwash from which might overwhelm them all.

Each had come to his and her own […]. At the same time that he is domineering to his subordinates, he is fawning to his superiors.

The abrasive personality

But he would antagonize his superiors by showing little patience with points and questions that to him seemed irrelevant or elementary. None of the options presented gave him a way out; none of them could. When disappointed in these expectations, he becomes enraged. Thus he overorganizes, and copes with imperfections in others by oversupervising them.

10 reasons i don't have an attitude, i just have a personality you can't handle

There was no question that Sandstrom was well on his way to the top. To promote Sandstrom was to perpetuate in a more responsible position what seemed to many a combination of Moshe Dayan, General George Patton, and Admiral Hyman Rickover. When his competitive instincts handle my personality his judgment, an abrasive person will sometimes crudely raise issues others are reluctant to speak about, leaving himself a scapegoat for his own forthrightness.

He tends to want to do the job himself, however, finding it difficult to lean on others who he feels will not do it to his standards, on time, or with the required finesse. And now here he was. Playing as intensely as he worked, he did not know what a game was.

Narcissistic personality type

Each had come to his and her own conclusion about the problem. With a passion for perfection, accuracy, and completeness, he pushes himself very hard and can be counted on to handle my personality a job well, often spectacularly. The corporate president stared out the window of his skyscraper office. However, as the unconscious drive for perfection is irrational, no degree of conscious effort can possibly achieve the ideal nor decrease the self-punishment such a person brings down on himself for not achieving it. He moves so fast and ranges so widely that even when he has good ideas, his boss will tend to turn him down fearing that if he gives an inch, the subordinate will take a mile.

In effect, he acts as if he were his own parent, punishing himself as well as others. Sandstrom would produce; no question about that.

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His intense need to be perfect then becomes translated into intense rivalry. Sandstrom was one of those rare young men who had rocketed to the division vice presidency at an age when most of his peers were still in lower-middle management.

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The anger and self-hatred are never ending, therefore, and build up to the point where they spill over in the form of hostile attacks on peers and subordinates, such as treating them with contempt and condescension. If he feels himself to be exceptionally competent, however, he may try to dominate his superiors also. The greater the gap between his ego ideal and self-image, the greater will be both his guilt and anger with himself for not achieving the dream. handle my personality

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Such a person is most usually extremely intelligent. The other executives in the room waited expectantly.

How to handle personality conflicts at work

If Sandstrom did not get the job, the likelihood was that he would quit. Needing to see himself as extraordinary, he acts sometimes as if he were a privileged person—indeed, as if he had a right to be different or even inconsiderate. All that was well and good. His forehead was furrowed in anger and puzzlement.

In staff discussions and meetings with his peers Sandstrom would ask pointed questions and make incisive comments. Darrel Sandstrom epitomizes people who puzzle, dismay, frustrate, and enrage others in organizations—those who have an abrasive personality. At times he sees others as mere devices for his self-aggrandizement, existing as extensions of himself, rather than as full-fledged, unique adults with handle my personality own wishes, desires, and aspirations. He is often keenly analytical, capable of cutting through to the nub of a problem, but with his need for constant achievement, he is impatient with those who cannot think as quickly or speak as forthrightly as he can.

On a one-to-one basis he is often genial and helpful to people he is not supervising. But despite what he says, he is usually not a good developer of people for, frequently, they feel too handle my personality when they have to compare themselves with him. On the golf course and tennis courts he was equally humorless and competitive.

Often he would get his way in meetings because of the persuasiveness of his arguments and his commanding presentations, but just as often those who were responsible for following up the conclusions of a meeting would not do so. In meetings with his superiors, his questions were appropriate, his conclusions correct, and his insights important assets in examining problems. Because of their value to their organizations, however, their superiors frequently go to great lengths to help them fit in the organization.

Understanding 5 difficult personality types and how to handle them

Some resented his controlling manner. Only in narrowing the gap can he reduce his feelings of anger, depression, and inadequacy. To prevent that, he is rigid, constricted, and unable to compromise. Each had said his piece. In this article I describe the abrasive personality, trace its origins, and suggest what managers might do to both help and cope with such people.

Men and women of high, sometimes brilliant, achievement who stubbornly insist on having their own way and are contemptuous of others, are the bane of bosses, subordinates, peers, and colleagues. And the angrier a person is with himself the more likely he is to attack himself or drive himself to narrow the gap between his ideal and his present self-image. Others who are or may be viewed as competitors threaten his self-image even further; if they win, by his own definition, he loses.

In fact, top executives probably refer more managers with abrasive personalities to psychologists and psychiatrists, and human relations training programs in order to rescue them, than any other single classification handle my personality executives.

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A creative strategist, consultant and writer who specializes in cultivating human potential for happiness, health and fulfillment.

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Many of us spend countless hours at work, and for the majority of full-time workers, more time may be spent at work than in any other context outside of one's home.